Thursday, June 25, 2009

book list revised

finished nine stories...greatest read in a while

on chapter 14 of purpose driven life...surprisingly edifying and convicting(oh Rick)

Still only on the first few chapters of Mere Christianity...take it slow i hear, take it slow

Probably going to read either the Old Man and the Sea next, or Raise High the Roof Beam, Carpenters...

Also been skimming The Best American Non-Required Reading compiled by Dave Eggers and forwarded by Sufjan Stevens...great forward

Anybody have anything in mind to read? anything you've finished and think i should read?


Nicole Michelle said...

throw in a little sprinkling of short stories here and there, and make sure they're all by Ambrose Bierce.

mapel said...

oh mister stinkin good. i rmember you bought that collection from Recycled up here in denton.

Reckless Rantings said...

jonathan livingston seagull.
it is brilliant.
also, portland!? so exciting!
also this is what i'm doing: