Tuesday, June 24, 2008

an end....a beginning...an ellipsis

hey bloggers. I've decided to try out this whole new world of communication and thought provoking, coffee talk, haven't seen you in a while reminiscing. I've decided to delete myspace and was thinking that i might like to try out blogging. I know my brother charchar and his wife are pretty into this whole deal and its been a blessing being able to keep up with their family life...especially little ash-dog(hoo-hoo). and now awaiting the arrival of the most beautiful girl eventually known to man, Mcklayne.
So this is me getting away from the messy, exploiting, and banner-filled myspace and entering a much more grime free environment. Its like when you leave the bowling alley. The smell is in your clothes and the images of those strange individuals will never escape your mind.(but somehow it was still kinda fun). I hope this blog stuff ends up exciting and not just me rambling. we'll see.....