Thursday, January 29, 2009

Fleet Foxes

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Fleet Foxes- A band from Seattle featured at Austin's ACL Music Festival this past year. Starbucks pushed their record for a while so if you got your triple grande caramel machiatto with extra caramel on top this past month or two you may have seen their album. Enjoy this video

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Jan 25 09 Update!/musik/Homosexuality and Jesus


Wow its been a while. So what all has happened. A whole semester of school, Christmas break, work, and now back in Denton for a whole, brand-new semester at UNT. This is my first semester as an official English Literature major! (I'm thinking about teaching high school/college and writing for paper or magazine or website. I know you were about to ask!) I am two Lit. classes right now and i kind of love them. Just learning how the history of the United States plays into the mindsets of writers and the general public has been interesting. I'm not much of a history guy myself but hopefully this will help me appreciate it in a new light. One can like The Great Gatsby but i think through learning the social attitudes of the time will make me appreciate good ole' F. Scott even more. 
I now also find myself inside a musical pool of joy. (maybe even a small pond) I am officially a member of Baruch the Scribe. A band started by my friends Judson Valdez and Chaz Underriner inspired by a frustrating story found in Jeremiah 36. Its exciting to be a part of this. Along with BTS i am in my buddy Julian's band under the moniker Julian Pastrana and the City Carousel. A folk-march band inspired by old circuses and the kingdom come. And lastly but not leastly i play bass in the one and only Jon Ladner and the Cumulonimbus Band. I can't really explain this group. All i can say is: Jon Ladner!  

Busy semester? Yes!

I watched a movie the other day that really made me reconsider my approach to the homosexual community. The movie "Milk" starring Sean Penn is a true story of Harvey Milk, the first gay individual elected to major office in the United States. Now i do not uphold every scene or every sentence of this film but it really changed my thinking... especially as a Christian. I do not support the homosexual lifestyle and do not condone homosexuality but what i do support are gay people. I see homosexuality as a sin according to scripture as well as heterosexual lust, murder, adultery, and the list goes on and on. But yet i see inside the Church, myself included, this repulse of gay people. This mentality that they are too far gone. And i guess all i have too say with out getting to post-modern-Christian-preachy is that we've got to love them. Like really love them. If we plea for their soul and teach about Jesus and they reject that we would keep loving them as Christ loves us. Like not ever stopping. Like meeting their partners and pleading for their souls that God might call them too. And that we may join in their story and that they may add to ours. I think they have rights. I don't know how i feel about them getting married and all but i do know that by not listening to their story we shouldn't expect them to listen to ours. We've got lay down our pride and approach their Gay Pride and  show them its an empty well. I only hope that i too can do what I've just said.

Be praying for Denton. There are a lot of people searching around us. Pray for the Village Church and Denton Bible and many other Denton churches that God would call those who are searching. 

I love you guys. Keep in touch.


what do i want to be when i grow up?

This one of those videos that everyone has already made in their minds. Just thought you should see it.