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Saturday, September 20, 2008


So, I'm back in Denton. I can honestly say i love this town. The moment i drove into town i couldn't help but smile. School has started back and i actually enjoy attending classes. Especially my class on short story. Although it meets at 9:30 am(my earliest class) our Professor make this class very enjoyable. Professor Tanner is a poet of a man with a beard so unique that it kinda makes him look like a puppet. I feel like everything he says should be written down and told to all of my friends. All my other classes are moderately enjoyable, and my goal is to make it to class and to impress the parents with good grades. (which I've failed to do thus far). 
So supposedly there was some kind of big storm that swept through Galveston and Houston. At our new house we decided not to have a TV. We felt it would bring us together as roommates and minimize distractions in the home. Well that's all well and good but the one thing we all miss is the news! I didn't even know there was another Hurricane until i overheard some talk on campus and then my Dad called me to say they may have to evacuate. I felt pretty out of the loop. But in the end my family is safe and at home with power. (as of yesterday). It was shocking to see the photos from Ike's aftermath. Seeing beach fronts we used to rent houses on and enjoy cold thanksgivings together on that were now bits of driftwood and murky sand. God has it on planned out. Good will come. It always does.
So my little/older brother Cary has officially tricked some girl into spending the rest of their lives together. Cary's amazing girlfriend Kelsey has officially been promoted to Fiance. The coolest thing about it is that Kelsey is one of the most awesome girls on the planet, and i can't wait till she's my official sister so we can hang out more and share holidays together. They are pretty much perfect for each other. He who has found a wife has found a good thing. At least that's what I hear. 
So my church project is slowly getting off the ground. I'm really excited to see where this goes. I've had a few people send stories and art and soon and very soon I'll have some video interviews with some of my friends sharing what God has been doing and is doing in their lives and through certain ministries. Keep an eye out for some new stuff on the church blog. Right now we have a new blog up by Nicole Rogers. A friend from church back home who is now attending OU. So read up and then write your story down.
I'm officially a member at the Village Church now. It's kind of a crazy thing to be a part of a church on my own. For over 18 years i was a member wherever my parents attended and were members. But don't get wrong i love the churches we went to. If we hadn't gone to Forest Cove and the experienced a church-fight and then became second baptist, we'd all be missing out. I grew so much in the ministries of that church and if it weren't for guys like Eric Larson, Pat Camaratta, Jeff Hiett, and especially one of my best friends Jonathan Gray i wouldn't be the man i am today. I owe a lot to those men. All that to say since the move to college and Denton i have found a church to be a part of and a community to grow in. I Love it up here. Soon I'll be starting to lead for the middle schoolers in their Sunday morning worship services. I'm really excited to finally be plugged in and doing ministry inside the church. 
I recorded a new song on a compilation album of a group I'm a part of now called Counter Collective. It's one about a man that used to live close by when i was younger. Also it's about my Grandpa, his son, and his son's son. Hopefully i can put it up on here soon.

That's it. Love you guys.
(photos by Chris Newby)